Sunday, June 26, 2011

Belated Birthday Greetings!

Just a quick belated "Happy Birthday" to all Kayla's pups! I see Harley and Ava fairly frequently, and try to keep up with the news on all the others. Satchmo lives close to Emily, who has Ava, so his life adventures are reported regularly. Oden is doing beautifully on the show circuit in Canada and is making a splash in the western USA now. Everyone else sends an occasional "up-date" and all seem to be settled and happy. So
"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday all you darlings
Happy Birthday to you!
With love from
Grandma Pam

We're Off to see the Wizard!

Rosa and "Maddy" take a last romp.

Well, yesterday, Mallyree Madigan Princess Kate, (Call name Maddy) or the Princess, as we have been calling her, left with her new people, to explore new lands and become part of a wonderful family, consisting of an elder statesman, Zeke the Poodle, and a young 1 year old cat, not to mention her new parents, Ellie and Betsy.
Ashley and I did cry after the car pulled out of the driveway, but we also were very happy for her as she will have an exciting, fun filled life. What's not to love living at the top of a mountain, with 100+ acres of forest to explore? Rosa checked out the house and yard, and not finding her pup, went back outside to play with Topper and Ranger and chew on a nice juicy tears there!

The Princess is ready for her new family.

On Thursday, the Princess and I headed to Amhurst, NH to visit Amie L and her IWS, English Cocker and Beagle, along with two cats. What a fun time. The Princess played with Cory the Beagle, and explored a new yard and sniffed the two cats, but didn't really try to play with them. Amie kept the two other dogs away from the Princess, as they might be a little too much for her first visit. The Princess then went to the chiropractic vet, Dr. Ham, for exam and alignment, which corrected her gait-no surprises there! I've seen what the alignment can do to correct many problems. Friday we headed to the vet, Dr. Furness, for exam, health certificate and her first shots. Both vets were really taken with her and pronounced her "Beautiful"!
Our memories of her are a wagging tail, a "happy" mouth, and an inquisitive, adventuresome spirit.
Betsy took many pictures when they picked Maddy up yesterday. I didn't as I was too busy going over schedules, suggestions, feeding etc. Soooo, I will post some pictures as soon as Betsy sends them to me.
It's been an adventure, now to get back to a more "normal" life - and yes, I'm using that term loosely! LOL!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Dance

Ashley and the Princess

This is a sad, but full week, as the Princess will be leaving for her new forever home this Saturday. She is playful, happy, energetic and a love. I will miss her terribly and I believe her mom, Rosa will too, along with my grand daughter, Ashley, who has been constantly around the Princess since birth. We will both send something of ours with her when she leaves, along with her bedding, dishes, favorite toys and of course some of the food she has been eating. I am still trying to "set a schedule" up with this "child", as she doesn't seem to get the idea of order. I know that she won't starve, but she occasionally will "skip" a meal, and just drink some goat's milk. I actually have two grand daughters that had that same attitude about food, and they are healthy and happy!

Rachel and the Princess play

Just relaxing

I have enjoyed watching her develop and am seeing the lovely dark almond shape eyes that are desired, along with that wonderful tight crisp curl to the coat and the great dark color. If she continues along this path, I may have to ask to show her next fall!

I'll post some pictures of her outside, digging holes and chasing "air" at the end of this week and then her "good bye" pictures the next week.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Got Milk?!

Just a quick lick more - thanks!

Well, as is inevitable with a small litter (of 1), Rosa's milk is starting to dry up. So at 4 weeks, the Princess is being offered some goat's milk, baby rice cereal, and honey. She doesn't like to lap from the dish unless it's held up to her, or if it's offered on a spoon (not silver yet!-lol). She is still valiantly latching on to her mom and getting every last bit of "mother's milk" that she can, but she does like the taste of the cereal mix. She is pretty sure that water is for peasants!

Good to the very last drop!

This week the x-pen will go up and the other dogs will be slowly introduced to her majesty under very tight security I might ad...both boys have shown an interest in her, but Rosa doesn't want them around yet, so we'll see how it goes. Ranger has always been very sweet with his pups, allowing them to hang on his ears, bite his legs and tail, and just generally lets them be with him. Topper is too young and would be a bit rough for her at first, but she will probably be able to chase him around in a month.

Up and About

As you can see not only is the Princess growing, but she is up and around on her own. She is very adventuresome, and "plays" with her toy animals. I have tested her with them by holding the small bear and having it's head up at her head and making it squeak. At this stance by the "bear", the Princess growls and stands her ground. When I make the "bear" play bow, she wags her tail and dances around that time I make the "bear" tussle with her and she has a ball. She is also playing with her mom. She and Rosa mouth and wrestle with each other. Rosa seems to like this feisty babe more and more.


Well I'll let you know how all goes this next week. My grand daughter, Ashley, and I are going to a dog show this coming weekend, so her mom and sister will be babysitting Rosa and The Princess. It will be interesting to say the least!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up and At 'em

Some lunch, a nap, now this is the life!

Kate is 3 1/2 weeks old and her eyes are open. She hears me come into the room and is starting to "bark" - well it's her version of a bark. She is also starting to stand and walk. She totters a bit, but has been able to put at least 4 good steps together before sitting or "flopping down". She is nursing well, has been gaining weight - not quite as dramatically as she did in the beginning - and seems very healthy.

No flash please, it hurts my eyes.

Rosa is nursing her, but the times in between are lengthening. Next week is when I'll introduce some goats milk and baby cereal. The pictures from that should be a hoot!
My granddaughter, Ashley, continues to be a big help. She gets down with Kate and "plays" with her. I was able to go to the Irish Water Spaniel National Specialty this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because Ashley was able to spend many hours here at the house with Kate.
I'll be making some visits to the local goat farm next week and will try to get some pictures of the goats lining up to be milked. They are a riot! They all seem to know their place and no one "cuts" the line!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Eyes Have It!

Where is everyone?

Kate has opened her eyes. I'm not sure what she is seeing or what she is thinking but she is starting to explore her surroundings with more energy! She continues to thrive and is a cuddly puppy. It's so strange raising just one pup. Usually the litter "feeds" off of one another, learning and testing, moving and exploring along side a brother or sister. I've taken to snuggling down with Kate, talking to her, moving her onto new textures, helping her nose around her surroundings. She is very use to being handled and relaxes in your arms when she is full. If she is hungry, she will try to nurse on any body part she can find.

Kate has captured Ellie's Heart!

Her "new family" came for a visit this past Saturday. She happily "showed off, bobbing her head around, tottering across the mat, and snuggling down with them. She is really "laid back" and seems to feel entitled to every wonderful thing that comes her way--A true Princess!
Next adventure will be trying some Goats milk next week...I'll keep you posted on that one!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weight Watchers is next!

Rosa and Kate with the crew.

Well, we've had our 10 day check-up yesterday (Monday 5/9/11). Both Rosa and Kate are healthy and happy. Rosa has lost 2 lbs and she had her stitches out. Incision line was clean, dry, intact and well healed..with no help from me! Kate was weighed also and low and behold, she topped the scales at 2 lbs 15 oz. That exactly 2 lbs more than she was 24 hours after birth. I'm going to go on line and sign her up for Weight Watchers-LOL! Actually, Dr. Fisher said that she is "big boned", healthy as could be and moving and "talking" as she should at 10 days. We brought in some Greek Cookies for the Doc and his staff as a thank you. They made me promise that I'd bring Kate in when she is 7-8 weeks old.
Rosa is doing better at letting Kate get some sleep. Rosa's coat is as shiny and thick as always..usually the mom's loose their coats, so I'm just waiting to see if having the one "child" will be less of a strain.

Princess Kate with William, Harry and Mr. Green.
Hopefully you can see Kate's growth in the pictures. I've tried to put her next to Prince William for the contrast. Rosa has added another "member" to her litter. I've just named it "Mr.Green" as it's a green ball that squeaks. Alice, Kayla, Maddy and Harley sent Kate a playmate, the small yellow teddy bear, who is now dubbed "Prince Harry". Rosa had just figured out that he squeaks too, and has moved him a few times already!
I'm still sleeping (and I use that term loosely) in the room with Rosa and Kate. Some how I think they are sleeping better than I am. I seem to be consuming more and more coffee, and not feeling the "kick" as much. Well this too shall pass!